Alexandra Knight
NRM Regions Australia

Alexandra Knight profile photoDr Alexandra Knight

Research co-design facilitator, Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions Australia and Resilient Landscapes Hub

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Dr Alexandra Knight is a knowledge-exchange and research co-design specialist with extensive experience building solutions-focused research programs.

Dr Knight comes to NRM Regions Australia and the hub from Charles Sturt University where she lectures in environmental management. Her research focuses on the nexus between research and practice, as she works with communities to build knowledge of and action for nature and biodiversity. Freshwater and tidal wetlands fascinate her, and she has specialist knowledge of both Australian amphibians and intertidal vegetation together with their socio-ecological contexts.

Prior to her academic career, Dr Knight led the biodiversity program of the then Murray Catchment Management Authority, building a diverse range of projects with farmers and local communities to protect and enhance frogs, ground-nesting birds, native vegetation and mammals. Conservation on private land expanded on her foundation as a ranger for the Queensland and New South Wales national park services.

She works across NRM organisations and the Resilient Landscapes Hub from her base in Albury-Wodonga.

Research outputs linked to policy change and decision-making

  • Dr Knight is the author of the recently published book chapter ‘Environmental knowledge exchange in Australia and Oceania: how researchers and implementers are working together to bring change‘, which provides a comprehensive overview and discussion of the integration between environmental research and practice in Oceania
  • Her work understanding the ecology and socio-ecological context of an endangered amphibian, Sloane’s froglet, has led to changes in local and national policy and practice to benefit the species and its freshwater habitats. The conceptual framework of ‘intentional ecology‘ built through investigating and advocating for Sloane’s Froglet and its freshwater habitats is being applied in other complex ecological work internationally.

Current academic employment and positions

  • 2010–present: Lecturer in Environmental Management, Charles Sturt University.