RipRap: Australia’s Northern Rivers & Estuaries

5 November 2015

RipRap: Edition 38

RipRap: Edition 38

Many Northern Australia Hub projects have been showcased in the latest edition of the Australian River Restoration Centre’s RipRap magazine.

The magazine celebrates Australia’s wonderful and diverse riverine environments by featuring science and stories about different river management topics including fish, river health, environmental water and river management.

The latest edition focuses on northern Australia and features over a dozen Hub related stories:

  • A northern forecast – Professor Michael Douglas introduces the latest edition of RipRap
  • Getting it right in the Daly – A new planning framework strikes the right balance between development and conservation in the Daly River catchment
  • The Gilbert’s soil: a cautionary tale – Research by Andrew Brooks and John Spencer is contributing knowledge to the risks and challenges faced by new irrigated agricultural developments in northern Australia
  • Snap happy – Northern Territory Government scientists have developed a protocol for wildlife surveys using motion detection cameras that has paid off for wildlife managers
  • Big wet ebbs and flows – Researchers from Charles Darwin University and Northern Territory fisheries are tracking two of Kakadu’s most important fish species to understand where and why they move during the wet season
  • Seeing grasslands through the trees – Traditional owner Indigenous enterprises and scientists are collaborating to increase their understanding of Indigenous-led approaches to landscape management
  • Partnerships help wetland health – Researchers are working alongside Indigenous rangers to achieve healthy country outcomes in northern Australia
  • Flows and fish in the north – A team of researchers is investigating the importance of freshwater flows on the ecology of fish in the Daly River catchment
  • Fresh or salty? – Sampling is shedding light on the true extent of estuarine fish diversity in Kakadu National Park
  • Protecting bush tucker  – Research has identified key strategies to protect biodiversity and bush tucker by turning back the clock on invasive plants in the floodplains of Kakadu’s National Park
  • Top fuelled predators – Researchers have been sampling everything that can eat or be eaten in Kakadu rivers and wetlands to better understand food webs in northern Australia’s freshwater ecosystems.
  • Alligator power – Research is shedding light on how tides and wet season flows transform the estuaries and coasts of northern Australia on an annual basis.
  • Yirralka rangers supporting communities – Research has shed light on the wider community benefits of the Yirralka ranger program in Blue Mud Bay, north east Arnhem Land

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