Focus on the Fitzroy

23 August 2016

The Northern Hub is starting several projects in Western Australia’s Fitzroy River catchment to inform management decisions and support sustainable development.

The projects cover multi-objective planning, identifying environmental water requirements, improving knowledge of Indigenous water needs, knowledge brokering for Indigenous land management and threats to savanna riparian zones.

The Hub is working with Indigenous groups in the region to establish research collaborations and agreements. A Regional Research Coordinator will facilitate and implement a world best practice model of researchers, Traditional Owners and other research user partnerships.

“The Fitzroy River in Western Australia has great cultural, environmental and economic value. With increasing interest in the region’s land and water resources for irrigated agriculture, our research is providing timely and important information,” explained Professor Douglas.

You can read overviews of the Hub’s current projects in the Kimberley, as well as previous NERP and TRaCK projects, here.


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