Download Our Knowledge Our Way (OKOW) guidelines

29 July 2020

Indigenous-led approaches to strengthening and sharing our knowledge for land and sea management. Best Practice Guidelines from Australian experience.

OKOW front cover

Guidelines summary (PDF 3MB)

Download full report (PDF 28MB)


Download individual chapters

Introductory pages link

Best practice guidelines from Australian experiences

Download introduction (PDF 801 KB)


Chapter 1 link tile

Foundations of Our Knowledge Our Way

Download chapter 1 (PDF 1MB)


Chapter 2 linking tile

Strengthening Our Knowledge for Country

Download chapter 2 (PDF 2MB)


Chapter 3 linking tile

Sharing Our Knowledge in caring for Country

Download chapter 3 (PDF 3MB)


Chapter 4 linking tile

How is Our Knowledge Our Way being recognised globally

Download chapter 4 (PDF 840KB)


Actions towards best practice to support Our Knowledge Our Way

Download chapter 5 (PDF 493KB)


References and appendix

Download references and appendix (PDF 520KB)


Read more about the guidelines

Q&A from Our Knowledge Our Way Guidelines launch


These Guidelines are a key output from a project of the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program, Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub, titled Knowledge Brokering for Indigenous Land Management.



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