Resilient Landscapes Hub Leader speaks at Biodiversity Conference 2023

16 October 2023

The Resilient Landscapes Hub Leader, Michael Douglas, gives keynote address at the Biodiversity Conference 2023

The Resilient Landscapes Hub is being discussed on the national stage with the Hub Leader, Michael Douglas giving a keynote address at the Biodiversity Conference 2023.

Michael Douglas giving his talk at the Biodiversity Conference 2023

Michael Douglas giving his keynote address at the Biodiversity Conference 2023. Photo: Resilient Landscapes Hub.

The Biodiversity Conference is a major WA event that ‘brings together researchers and practitioners from across Country, academia, government, industry and community to share knowledge’.

Michael spoke about the user-driven research he’s been a part of across northern Australia. By working directly with research users, including Indigenous peoples, to co-design research projects, Michael led research that has made a tangible difference to the management and policy around tropical freshwater resources.

Over a 20-year period, Michael has led a series of large collaborative research hubs (TRaCK, NERP and NAERH) and now the NESP Resilient Landscapes Hub. This has seen an increasing focus on user-driven research, seeking solutions to environmental challenges and Indigenous-led research.

As part of the broader National Environmental Science Program, the Resilient Landscapes Hub is at the forefront of environmental research in Australia and is building on decades of innovation from previous research hubs to find practical solutions to environmental problems.

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