Chris Keogh
The University of Western Australia

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Chris Keogh, Graduate Research Assocaite, UWA

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What are your research interests as they relate to northern Australia?

I have a keen interest in the wildlife of the remote areas in northern Australia, particularly fish. What I find truly amazing is how fish interact and adapt to their ever shifting ecosystems and the climate extremities that come along with living in northern Australia.

What do you love about working in northern Australia?

The wildlife and remoteness would be what I love most about northern Australia. When I’m standing there on the red river bank watching Freshies and Barra swim by, and a Jabiru wading through the shallows I think this is real Australia. This might sound odd but I enjoy getting thrown a curve ball up there. Whether it be getting bogged, equipment breaking or things just not going to plan, I love figuring out how we can get out of the hard situations with minimal resources, get the bush mechanics going and put the survival skills to use.

My Projects

Current projectCompleted project
NESP RLH, 2021-2027NESP, 2015-2021NERP, 2012-2015TRaCK, 2005-present