Erika Alacs
University of Western Australia

Erika AlacsErika Alacs

Knowledge Broker, NESP Resilient Landscapes Hub, University of Western Australia.



As the Knowledge Broker for the NESP Resilient Landscapes Hub, Dr Erika Alacs connects researchers with research users in the co-design and co-delivery of applied research projects. Erika helps to ensure the research is effectively communicated to research users to ensure it has the greatest impact. In addition, Erika coordinates the milestone reports, annual progress reports and provides support to the Hub leader on planning and policy development.

Erika has previously worked for NRM organisations in which she managed projects on sustainable agriculture and threatened species. Erika also worked for the Australian Government on threatened species, recovery planning of threatened species, and the conservation and management of the Koala. In addition, Erika worked for the Australian Government on sustainable harvesting of kangaroos, CITES convention and international wildlife trade, and as a taxonomic editor for the Australian Faunal Directory.

Dr Erika Alacs has a PhD, which focused on sustainable harvesting and conservation of freshwater turtles in northern Australia. Erika’s Honours project focused on the conservation genetics of the Quokka of the south-west of Western Australia and Rottnest Island.

Current academic employment and position

  • Knowledge Broker, The University of Western Australia

Highest Qualification

  • 2008 – PhD, Conservation Biology, University of Canberra

What are your interests as they relate to resilient landscapes

  • I am passionate about biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. I enjoy supporting the delivery of applied research on the management and recovery of Australia’s threatened species and threatened ecological communities.