Jim Radford
La Trobe University

Jim Radford

Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting project. Dr Jim Radford from La Trobe University, photographed in Kyneton. What is Natural Capital? Natural capital includes all elements of the natural environment. On a farm, this includes: soil and soil biology (microbes, fungi, invertebrates), water (ground and surface water), grasses, forbs and sedges (native and introduced) that make up pastures and understory, crops and livestock, shrubs and trees (remnants, re-planted and agroforestry), native animals. https://www.latrobe.edu.au/research/centres/environmental/future-landscapes/research/interventions/natural-capital-accounting

Associate Professor Jim Radford

Principal Research Fellow, the La Trobe Research Centre for Future Landscapes

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E: J.Radford@latrobe.edu.au