Lyndal Scobell
James Cook University

Lyndal Scobell photoLyndal Scobell, NESP Queensland Regional Research Coordinator



What are your interests as they relate to northern Australia?

As the Qld Regional Research Coordinator, I’m incredibly passionate about the uptake of meaningful research for policy, planning and for on-ground land and sea management. It’s a privilege to work alongside local people and researchers, and see traditional and local knowledge integrated into research findings.

What do you love about working in northern Australia?

I am in heaven when I am working remotely – being on Country with, and learning from, Traditional Owners and supporting rangers and researchers.  The experiences I’ve had are priceless – monitoring Flatback and Olive Ridley turtles, checking croc traps, selfies with swamp wallabies, waking up in a swag to palm cockatoos on the glorious Wenlock River, photography trips over Princess Charlotte Bay and wildlife discoveries during biodiversity surveys. I particularly love western Cape York – its flora and fauna, the persisting sunsets over the Gulf of Carpentaria, stunning remote beaches, expansive marine plains, nesting marine turtles, incredible river systems, tall messmate woodlands. The landscapes are diverse and stunning, and the people are resourceful, sharp and incredibly knowledgeable.