Rebecca Boulton
RLB Ecology

Dr Rebecca Boulton

RLB Ecology

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Rebecca Boulton has over twenty-five years of experience working on programs associated with the conservation of rare and endangered birds here in Australia, New Zealand, and USA. These programs have included reproductive success in respect to habitat edges and forest fragmentation, implementing recent advances in nest and adult survival analysis, and conducting behavioural observations in relation to food availability in fragmented landscapes. Her work in Australia has focused on the Murray Mallee region including the translocation of the cooperative breeding black-eared miner and the tiny mallee emu-wren. Rebecca has been involved in the Threatened Mallee Birds Steering Committee, a group of government, non-government, NGOs, and individuals committed to delivering priority conservation actions for eight threatened mallee bird species since its inception in 2014. Work emanating from this group has led to a comprehensive Conservation Action Plan with targeted strategies and on-ground actions such as the trial translocation of the mallee emu-wren; establishing captive mallee emu-wren at Monarto Safari Park; better genetic understanding of the black-eared miner; rediscovery of the western whipbird in the Victorian mallee; extensive knowledge on fire requirements of threatened mallee bird species; and more accurate population size estimates of threatened mallee bird species.

Highest qualification

  • 2006: PhD in ecology, Massey University, New Zealand: Effects of food availability and predation on reproductive success and behaviour of Petroica longipes in a fragmented landscape.

Current positions

  • 2011–present: Visiting Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide.
  • 2014–present: Consultant for Department of Environment and Water and Landscapes Board South Australia.
  • 2014–present: Casual contractor for BirdLife Australia.

Roles on government or regional organisation committees

  • 2014–present: Threatened Mallee Birds Conservation Action Plan coordinator/chair.
  • 2016–present: Member of Gluepot Reserve Management Committee.