Stephen Faggotter
Griffith University

Stephen Faggotter photoStephen Faggotter, Senior Research Assistant

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What are your research interests as they relate to northern Australia?

My research interests are fish. So there isn’t a better place to be doing research than in the large rivers of the Gulf. Many different and unique species can be found along the entire river system from the upstream freshwater environments down to the marine environment.

What do you love about working in northern Australia?

Working in northern Australia is very challenging due to the weather (from scorching heat to dust storms and thunderstorms); the environment (crocodiles, box jellyfish, and oh yes, the flies); logistics (a bit stressful waiting for very expensive equipment to arrive safely at your destination). So when after all of these challenges, you still manage to successfully do the research you intended to do, it is very rewarding. My favourite place to do research is in the large northern Australian rivers that empty into the Gulf of Carpentaria. From the upstream ephemeral waterholes all the way down to the estuary, there are amazing changes in the landscape and biota. From fresh waterholes in savanna country to saltpans on the floodplains and mangroves in a harsh marine environment, the Gulf is just so diverse.

My Projects

Current projectCompleted project
NESP RLH, 2021-2027NESP, 2015-2021NERP, 2012-2015TRaCK, 2005-present