Informing management of feral cats and foxes in priority areas

Project start date: 01/10/2023
Project end date: 30/11/2025
NESP funding: $664,000 (GST-exclusive)

This project is assisting land managers from Kangaroo Island (SA) and the Fitz-Stirling region (WA) to improve management of feral cats in both regions and red foxes in the Fitz-Stirling.

European_red_fox_(Vulpes_vulpes). Photo Harley Kingston CC BY 2.0.
European red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Photo Harley Kingston CC BY 2.0.

Kangaroo Island and the Fitz-Stirling are priority places under the Australian Government’s Threatened species action plan 2022–2032. Land managers in these areas want to reduce the threat posed by feral cats and red foxes. This would benefit local wildlife, ecosystems and livestock farming. Land managers in both areas have made significant advancements in their adaptive-management programs for predators, but key knowledge gaps still limit best practice.

Experienced researchers and managers in both regions are collaborating with hub researchers. The team will analyse existing monitoring data, implement local research, and combine new and existing datasets. This collaborative effort will refine management approaches and address knowledge gaps.

Key research areas

To address the challenges of managing feral cats and red foxes, and to equip local groups with management strategies, this project is:

  • analysing existing monitoring and control datasets
  • collecting relevant local data on new tools and pests
  • training local people, including Traditional Owners, in key skills
  • sharing outcomes with local communities
  • publishing outcomes for broader community of practice.