Our northern wetlands: science to support a sustainable future

2 February 2017

World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally each year on 2 February and, in the midst of a wet season that’s bringing wetlands to life across much of the North, we think it’s timely to highlight these vitally important ecosystems and the research the Hub is doing to better understand them.

“Northern Australia is home to some of the world’s most vast and intact wetlands,” said Hub leader Professor Michael Douglas. “Hub research projects are increasing our knowledge of the importance of these wetlands to Indigenous people, to fisheries and to threatened species.”

“For example our previous research has revealed impacts of climate change and saltwater intrusion on wetlands, given us new remote sensing tools to detect water quality and delivered new understandings of the importance of floodplains to biodiversity and fish. We’re now building on all this to inform sustainable development in the North.”

The latest issue of the Wetlands Australia magazine, published today by the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy, features some of the Hub’s research. You can download it here.

Current Hub research projects with a focus on wetlands include:

For more information, see our Rivers and Wetlands page or email nesp.northern@cdu.edu.au

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