Environmental water needs for the Daly River

As one of the few rivers in the Top End that flows all year round, the Daly River supports astounding freshwater biodiversity, including more than 90 species of fish, 8 of the 9 freshwater turtle species found in the Northern Territory, and 3 elasmobranch species of conservation significance. Many of these species, as well as the Daly River and catchment themselves, hold significant value for the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the area.

The Daly’s water resources are attracting increasing attention from the agricultural, forestry and mining industries. This project aimed to collate existing knowledge and generate new knowledge on critical flow-ecology relationships and risk-based scenario models for key environmental assets in the Daly River, to support the sustainable management of its water resources.

Map of the Daly River catchment showing the towns of Katherine, Pine Creek and Daly River.

The Daly River is in the Top End of the Northern Territory.

  • Tracking sooty grunter, photo Krystle Keller
  • Tracking sooty grunter, photo Brendan Adair
  • Electro fishing boat, photo Alison King
  • Electro fishing, photo NAER Hub
  • Barramundi sample, photo Alison King
  • Fish sampling, photo Michael Douglas
  • Daly river, photo Stuart Blanch
  • Irrigated agriculture, photo Michael Douglas
  • Daly region, photo Michael Douglas