Hub researchers travel to Canberra

28 November 2017

Two Northern Hub researchers travelled to Canberra in early November to highlight the impact of Hub research projects. Dr Helen Murphy from CSIRO described her 12-month project on Mapping to manage littoral rainforest and how it’s now being used by local, state and federal governments to protect coastal infrastructure and biodiversity in the face of climate change. Ashley Leedman, from the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Marine and Freshwater Species Conservation Section, added his perspective on how the research is being used in the Littoral Rainforest Recovery Plan. Dr Murphy’s presentation can be found here. Dr Cathy Robinson, also from CSIRO, discussed her 8-month project on Lessons and protocols for Indigenous fire partnerships with Mitch Jeffery from the National Landcare Programme sharing his thoughts as a user of the research. This research brought together Indigenous land managers involved in fire projects across northern Australia and beyond to identify six protocols to help guide the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into fire management partnerships and carbon abatement planning. Dr Robinson’s presentation can be found here.

Helen Murphy Cathy Robinson

Helen Murphy (left) and Cathy Robinson (with Mitch Jeffery) talk about their research and its impacts.







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