Lessons from Top End Indigenous fire management

  • Evaluates how Indigenous knowledge has been incorporated into northern Australian fire projects
  • Charts the key methods, processes and protocols for sharing and incorporating Indigenous knowledge into environmental management
  • Presents protocols that can be used to guide the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into fire management and carbon abatement planning nationally
  • Suggests key areas for future research into Indigenous fire knowledge and its incorporation into on-country fire enterprises and fire programs
  • Highlights some of the key aspects of Indigenous peoples’ relationship with fire, as well as the implications of this relationship for wider Australian landscapes and biota

  • Keeping a close eye on a controlled burn.
  • Indigenous rangers manage some of the largest tracts of land in Australia, photo Glenn Campbell.
  • Controlled burn, Jaana Dielenberg.
  • Cool burn through native savanna grasses, photo Jaana Dielenberg.