Integrated environmental assessment to inform environmental decisions

This cross-hub project draws on the considerable experience, regional knowledge, data and networks of the National Environmental Science Program hubs to develop a guide for best-practice integrated environmental assessment (IEA) in Australia. IEA is an interdisciplinary and policy-oriented process for combining knowledge from diverse scientific disciplines and knowledge systems to inform and enhance decision-making.

Using northern Australia as the case study region, the project will develop and demonstrate the value of a holistic IEA approach to strategic decision-making for sustainable development. The primary output of this project will be a scoping report that provides a framework for undertaking successful IEAs in Australia.

  • Gulf of Carpentaria river system.
  • Crocodile swimming in front of a sunrise.
  • Two black-necked storks in a Kakadu billabong.
  • Wallaby in the afternoon light.