Prioritising threatened species in northern Australia

This research generated four data sets:

  1. High resolution maps of the distribution of 1425 plant and animal species of conservation concern from both terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.
  2. Hotspot maps that show the numbers of species of conservation concern in a particular area. Species can be grouped by type (e.g. plant, reptile) or by conservation status (e.g. vulnerable, threatened).
  3. Maps of the key threatening processes that have an impact on terrestrial and freshwater species in northern Australia.
  4. Maps of vulnerability that combine information on a species’ distribution with the extent of threatening processes and the sensitivity of that species to the threat.

  • Butler’s dunnart, photo: Alaric Fisher
  • Invasive plants are a major threat to biodiversity, photo: Michael Lawrence-Taylor
  • The northern quoll, photo Alaric Fisher
  • Inappropriate fire regimes are a major threat to biodiversity, photo: Jaana Dielenberg
  • Northern Australia scenery, photo Michael Douglas