Bringing Northern Australia science to Canberra

14 February 2019

This forum took place on February 19-21, 2019. Presentation slides and other follow up materials can be found here.

If you are at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet offices in Woden next Tuesday 19 February or at the Department of the Environment and Energy in Parkes on Wednesday 20 or Thursday 21 February, come and share the latest findings and products from NESP research in northern Australia.

Hub researchers and partners from as far away as Fitzroy Crossing are travelling to Canberra. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Hub will have sessions on supporting Indigenous land and water management through showing and sharing knowledge, unpacking the economic benefits of Indigenous land management programs and on Indigenous water needs, accompanied by three short films. On Thursday the Hub will summarise its work on savanna fire management through carbon farming, and on big picture mapping to manage threatened species in the north. Then discussions will move on to the Gulf  to hear the latest on mangrove dieback and how changing flows in Gulf rivers could affect shorebirds and fisheries. After the presentations, please join researchers for small group discussions over lunch. See here for more information, and email Clare Taylor at the Northern Hub or Research if you are interested in participating.

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