Follow up resources from Canberra Research Forum

26 February 2019

Follow-up resources from the Hub’s Canberra Research Forum 18- 21 Feb. Thank you to all involved! A highlight video can be found here.

Presentations on Wed 20th Feb

Bringing Indigenous knowledge into land and water management (presenters: Dr Ro Hill – CSIRO, Peter Yates – NAILSMA, Lloyd Nulgit and Gordon Smith Jnr – Ngarinyin Traditional Owners from WA’s Fitzroy River region)

Economic and other benefits of Indigenous land and sea management programs (presenters: Prof Natalie Stoeckl & Dr Diane Jarvis – James Cook University (JCU), Celia & Emile Boxer – Walmajarri Traditional Owners from WA’s Fitzroy River region, David Hudson & Sharon Prior – Ewamian Traditional Owners from Far North Queensland)

Indigenous research partnerships for land and water management (presenters: Prof Michael Douglas – University of Western Australia, Dr Sarah Laborde – Griffith University, Mervyn Street – Gooniyandi Traditional Owner from WA’s Fitzroy River region, Mona Liddy & Lizzie Sullivan – Wagiman Traditional Owners from NT’s Daly River region)

Presentations on Thursday 21st Feb

Supporting savanna fire management through carbon farming (presenter: Dr Garry Cook – CSIRO)

Mapping to manage threatened species across the north (presenters: Dr Anna Pintor – JCU & Assoc Prof Mark Kennard – Griffith University)

 Assessing mangrove dieback in the Gulf (presenter: Dr Norm Duke – JCU)

Understanding risks to shorebirds and fisheries from reduced Gulf river flows (presenters: Prof Michele Burford & Assoc Prof Jim Smart – Griffith University)


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