Clément Duvert
Charles Darwin University

Clem Duvert smallerClément Duvert, Research Fellow

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What are your research interests as they relate to northern Australia?

I spend my time addressing basic questions about the hydrology and biogeochemistry of streams and rivers in the Top End. How does monsoonal rainfall translate into streamflow? How much groundwater do riparian trees use during the dry season? What is the role of wetlands in transferring water and solutes to rivers? How much terrestrial carbon is transported to oceans by the rivers of northern Australia?

What do you love about working in northern Australia?

A fair amount of research has been dedicated to the ecology of northern Australian rivers, but there are still many unanswered questions on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of small streams and rivers of the Top End. So this is a very exciting place for a hydrologist! I would love to study one of the small perennial streams travelling down from the Litchfield plateau. Little pockets of lush forest, small cascades and thriving aquatic life. I’m seriously planning to deploy a couple of sensors in one of these streams!

My Projects

Current projectCompleted project
NESP RLH, 2021-2027NESP, 2015-2021NERP, 2012-2015TRaCK, 2005-present