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Griffith University

Fran Sheldon bioProfessor Fran Sheldon

Professor, Australian Rivers Institute and Griffith Sciences, Griffith University

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Research outputs linked to policy change and decision-making

Professor Sheldon’s research strategy has been to focus on applied issues with the aim of informing management and changing management practice in regard to a range of aquatic ecosystems, with the outcomes of her research making a difference to management practices across a number of different aquatic systems within Australia. Her research activity includes evidence of major original contributions to the field of study that influence thinking and practice in the field, and a sustained and excellent track record of research performance as evidenced by successful completion of a number of major national research programs. Since 2008, Professor Sheldon has been the project leader of a number of significant projects, which have included the supervision of a research team comprising research assistants, research fellows and postgraduate students. She has a sustained and excellent track record of research performance as evidenced by a substantial record of academic publications in highly ranked journals or equivalent, and a sustained and strong impact through published work as demonstrated by citation data.

  • provided the technical review of the Barwon–Darling Water Sharing Plan for the NSW Natural Resources Commission (2019) – this project resulted in the re-writing of the Barwon–Darling Water Sharing Plan with all recommendations included.
  • project leader for National Water Commission project ‘Ecology of Low Flows’ Phase 1 and 2) (2010). This project provided the framework and guidelines for low-flow management in a range of rivers across Australia. The project was a collaboration between researchers and state government agencies.
  • chief investigator, Australian Research Council linkage project LP0668369 (2006 – 2009) Project with Healthy Land and Water “Spatial scale of influence of riparian and catchment land use on stream health”. This project determined the spatial scale of catchment vegetation having the highest influence on river and stream ecosystem health in South-east Queensland. This information has then been used by catchment managers to prioritise the location and scale of riparian vegetation restoration.

Current academic employment and positions

  • 2018–present: professor, Australian Rivers Institute and Griffith Sciences, Griffith University.

Highest qualification

  • 1995: PhD, The University of Adelaide.

Major prizes, medals and honours

  • 2014: Australian Society for Limnology Medal
  • 2006: Australian Society for Limnology Early Career Award
  • 2005: Griffith University, Learning and Teaching Citation
  • 1999: Publication Medal of the Royal Society of South Australia
  • 1994: Australian Society for Limnology Postgraduate Student Award (oral presentation).

My Projects

Current projectCompleted project
NESP RLH, 2021-2027NESP, 2015-2021NERP, 2012-2015TRaCK, 2005-present