Restoring and recovering landscape resilience

Project start date: 01/07/2021
Project end date: 31/12/2026
NESP funding: $150,000 (GST-exclusive)

Australia faces a number of major pressures that lead to the degradation of our ecosystems and the decline of our biodiversity, including our threatened flora and fauna. The United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems. Consistent with this, the Australian Government aims to restore degraded habitats and improve species recovery.

An evidence base built on current practices, agreement on key knowledge gaps limiting improved restoration and recovery actions, and trial of potential solutions are urgently needed.

Practical restoration solutions at the landscape scale (e.g. replanting and island arks) and species-recovery interventions (e.g. captive breeding and translocations, and other conservation strategies) will be considered in this project to identify research projects that restore and enhance resilience through ecosystem restoration and species recovery.

This includes taking a whole-of-ecosystem approach to address the need for a range of management strategies required to capture genetic diversity (e.g. seed-banking), safeguard against extinctions, and support large-scale restoration of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, particularly following extreme events such as bushfires, droughts and floods.

This project establishes the foundation for the hub’s research on practical solutions for landscape restoration and species recovery, and considers both terrestrial and freshwater species and ecosystems.

Key research areas

  • landscape restoration
  • species recovery.
  • This project will aim to develop innovative, practical and cost-effective approaches for restoration. Photo: Jennifer Firn.
  • Vegetation recovery after major fire on K'gari in 2020 that burnt half of the island. Photo: Jennifer Firn.
  • Lake affected by fire on K'gari in 2020. Photo: Jen Firn.
  • Floral biodiversity in southwestern Western Australia. Photo: Michael Douglas.
  • This project will aim to develop potential solutions leading to innovative, practical and cost-effective approaches for restoration. Photo: NESP Northern Hub.
  • Future projects will include identifying opportunities where landscape restoration and recovery can support economic recovery and community prosperity, particularly in regional Australia. Photo: NESP Northern Hub.