NESP Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub

June 2021

Indigenous people face many challenges in managing their lands, including rapidly growing threats causing species extinctions and ecosystem losses. In response, many Indigenous groups are looking for ethical ways to design and apply innovative technologies to solve complex environmental management problems—specifically, technology that can work with Indigenous people’s stewardship practices and knowledge.

June 2021

In the face of growing interest in the waters of the Warlibiddi and Martuwarra (Margaret and Fitzroy Rivers) in north-west Western Australia, NESP research has partnered with Traditional Owners to increase our understanding of the rivers’ important cultural and environmental requirements. In this short film, senior Gooniyandi artist Mervyn Street shares his art and storytelling about the waters of the Warlibiddi and Martuwarra, and the waters’ vital significance to the Country and people’s lives.

Mervyn shares his wisdom to help viewers understand the rhythms of water and life and what they mean in his philosophical tradition. He also hopes it will help viewers understand the importance of the Warlibiddi and Martuwarra waters to not only sustain life, but also enable social connections and sustain culture for future generations.

May 2021

In the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River region, Traditional Owners and scientists have been working together on a project supported by the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) to help Indigenous land managers find better ways to use both scientific and Indigenous knowledge (IK) for making decisions for Country. Traditional Owners and scientists learned together and co-developed different ways of showing and sharing knowledge. The project was supported through collaborative research agreements with 10 different Traditional Owner Groups through their relevant organisations.


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