Biodiversity values and Indigenous livelihoods

This project supports land-based Indigenous livelihoods in northern Australia. The researchers collaborated with Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management (ICNRM) agencies in the NT and Queensland to:

  • improve understanding of the wider set of co-benefits (social, cultural, economic, political, and health benefits) derived from ICNRM;
  • investigate alternative investment models for resourcing ICNRM;
  • establish ICNRM governance frameworks, management plans, and monitoring and evaluation plans;
  • produce innovative characterisations of contemporary ICNRM knowledge, customary resource use, and governance options; and
  • create novel indigenous community research and communication products, including art exhibitions, a collaborative documentary, and IPA Management Plan interpretations.

  • Female Yirralka Ranger making soap at Baniyala ranger station
  • Napuwarri Marawili, Makungun Marika, and Gawaratj Munungurr on sea patrol
  • Yirralka Rangers participating in a funeral at Baniyala homeland
  • Ranger Facilitator Gurrundul Marawili painting a hollow log
  • Male rangers on sea patrol
  • Baniyala community leader Djambawa Marawili and Ishmael Marika from the Mulka Project filming 'Rangers in Place'