Indigenous biodiversity management

The project built on previous work to establish how monitoring and evaluation frameworks of Caring for Our Country and Working on Country may be adapted to the broader aspirations and strategic directions of Traditional Owner enterprises engaged in environmental management and sustainable livelihoods of Country.

A cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary group of Traditional Owner enterprise managers, Indigenous land and sea rangers, biological and social scientists worked together for two years to consider and adapt planning processes and monitoring and evaluation frameworks that aimed to better deliver integrated impacts across bio-physical, cultural, economic and institutional asset classes. This research aimed to support Indigenous enterprise maturity in integrated program management while supporting improved impacts in Caring for Country.

The outcomes of the research highlighted that inter-disciplinary participatory action research is able to support Indigenous enterprise development in environmental services with improved integrated strategic planning, participatory planning for monitoring and evaluation, capacity development in scientific monitoring methods and increased bio-physical management impacts over the research period.