Using integrated data analysis to assess regional transferability

Project start date: 18/07/2022
Project end date: 31/03/2023
NESP funding: $139,984 (GST-exclusive)

Hub researchers have created integrated datasets which demonstrate social and ecological similarities between the regions analysed. These datasets were then visualised as a series of simple-to-use maps showing regions that share similar characteristics and are therefore likely to support similar conservation and land-management interventions. The maps are presented alongside tables which describe core social, ecological and interactive variables for different regions.

The report also includes a decision-making tree to assist land managers in determining best-practice conservation actions. These outcomes will help to support biodiversity and ecosystems across Australia and increase the potential impact of conservation and land-management research.

Read more in the final report.

  • Associate Professor Samantha Setterfield and a Mary River NP ranger planning park management. Photo: NESP Northern Hub.
  • Pointing at a map of the top end of the Northern Territory in the process of planning management actions. Photo: NESP Northern Hub.