Waste and marine debris in remote northern Australian communities

The communities of remote northern Australia face significant challenges in waste management. Conventional challenges include low public or private investment in waste management, high transport costs, intermittent seasonal access, and a wet-dry climate that makes infrastructure maintenance and scaling-up waste and debris management to cover vast areas of un-serviced land and coastlines particularly challenging. Many coastal communities, particularly those in the Gulf of Carpentaria also have the additional burden of a large volume of rubbish from external sources such as shipping and foreign fishing washing up on remote beaches.

  • Turtle hatchling heading for the sea, photo Glenn Campbell.
  • Baled aluminium on Cape York Photography, photo RAIN.
  • Cape York Peninsula marine debris on the beach, photo RAIN.
  • Turtle tracks down to water.
  • Nesting turtle, photo Glenn Campbell.
  • Northern Australia sunset.
  • Rocky beach in northern Australia.
  • Tracks on northern Australia beach.