Nine new projects for landscape resilience

3 July 2023

Nine new hub research projects are kicking off, which will see the Resilient Landscapes Hub make real-world impacts on improving the management and resilience of Australia’s outstanding natural resources.

With our third research plan now underway, the hub has a critical mass of active research projects that will deliver impactful outcomes for Australia’s landscapes and biodiversity.

Our latest research plan – developed in collaboration with research users and other co-contributors – is informed by the objectives, targets, priority species and priority places of the Australian Government’s Threatened species action plan 2022–2032. Projects in this plan will also support major new on-ground initiatives focused on grassy weed management, urban river and catchment restoration, and the expansion of the Indigenous ranger program.

Our new projects are:

Victorian grassland earless dragon

The Victorian grassland earless dragon was recently rediscovered after more than 50 years. A new hub project is training detection dogs to find them. Photo: Peter Robertson, Wildlife Profiles Pty Ltd.

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