Fitzroy River

The west Kimberley’s mighty Fitzroy River has high environmental, economic and cultural significance. Areas within the catchment are National Heritage listed for a mix of biodiversity, Indigenous, historic, geological heritage and aesthetic values. There is increasing interest in the Fitzroy’s significant land and water resources for development, and the need for environmental research to inform land use and water allocation decisions is critical. Planning to maintain these multiple values is a focus of our research in this catchment. Identifying environmental and Indigenous water needs for the Fitzroy River and supporting Traditional Owners in decision making through research are also key research priorities. We also need to better manage weeds on the riverbanks and get a better understanding of the distribution and health of bilby populations in the catchment.

Other Hub research across northern Australia is also generating information to support development decisions in the West Kimberley. Our Fitzroy-focused research projects are listed below.

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